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salt_cave_therapy_room_20100504_1098308675When considering complimentary therapies for such illnesses as skin disease, asthma and bronchitis and other respiratory illness, Salt Therapy, or Halotherapy, continues to command public attention. And for businesses that have health beauty and well-being as their core services it is becoming easier to offer this profitable and rewarding service to their customers.

Salt therapy has been known for many centuries as an excellent treatment for diseases such as asthma, bronchitis and various skin problems. In Russia and Eastern Europe it has proved successful and is used regularly by residents often on a daily basis. Salt Therapy has conquered America and now the first Dry Salt Room has been opened in London to great acclaim. This has been shown on BBC and has proven to be a valuable resource in the health and wellbeing sector and a commercial success in the business sector.

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“We provide the equipment, the support, the training, and advice to ensure you are not alone”

Which business’ can benefit from the introduction of Salt Therapy?

salt_cave_therapy_room_20100504_1186863712A Salt Therapy Room is a venture any business minded individual can undertake because we provide the equipment, the support, the training, and advice to ensure you are not alone. The type of business which can benefit from the inclusion of a salt therapy room amongst their services are GP clinics (referrals can be made on the premises); Leisure centres (an ideal extension to services that makes the centre stand out from the crowd!); health and well-being centres; beauty spas; hotels; beauty salons….the list is endless. It may be an enterprise you want to set up in its own right. Please contact us on the telephone number above or e-mail us

What would setting up a Salt Therapy room entail?

salt_cave_therapy_room_20100504_1599409825The beauty of a salt chamber is the size and situation is flexible, so it is highly likely a room within your centre of clinic can be adapted to meet the needs of a modern day therapeutic salt room. We can advise you on design and we also provide expert fitters who can prepare the room. So there is no need to bring in outside contractors

“Once the equipment is installed our policy is to train your staff to use it appropriately”

salt_cave_therapy_room_20100504_1916544231From a purely commercial point of view the Salt Chamber is very easy to integrate into a business premises. Saltheaven UK is at your service as a support, guide and advisor from the very beginning. You do not need to consider outside contractors or builders. Our fitters are experts and specially trained to construct the therapy room to your business needs. Not only do we take care of construction we alsosupply all equipment such as the halogenerators needed to create the environment of the salt cave. And once the equipment is installed it is our policy to ensure your salt room operators are aware of how the equipment works. We will train your staff in how to use the equipment. We also offer an after care service. You may contact us 24/7 with any queries around the installation or working of the equipment.

How do I get started?

For an informal chat for a FREE on-site demonstration Contact us on 0207 183 9919

„Help us make salt therapy available to everyone“

„for a free on-site demonstration of all salt Therapy  solutions call us now on 0207 183 9919 or email us at

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